Solid Foundation Preparatory Academy (SFPA) was developed under the premise that all children will learn if given the opportunity and the exposure.

The Faculty and Staff of SFPA encourages excellence from all of its students. The SFPA Faculty promotes and challenges each student to utilize their time, talent and efforts to aid in the development of his or her skills and abilities and use them for the Glory of God and for the good of our fellow man.

We believe students will develop a love for learning when they are taught the “true” value of an education. We consider a “true” education being given by an educational facility that focuses on educating the young and ensuring each student understands the knowledge acquired should be used for the advancement of all people.

We take great delight in being called a “parent-friendly” facility. It is an organization, in some aspects, in which caters to the needs of the student and their parents. We understand many of our parents are of the working class and would benefit from a longer school day. Our school hours are tailored to the more popular work shift of 8 to 5.

We strive to teach each student appropriate behavior and self-control. We have several incentives in place to help deter defiant and unwanted behavior. We simply do not call parents unless we have exhausted every means to change the unwanted behavior displayed.

It is important for SFPA Faculty, Staff and Parents to have a tight link of communication. We take pride in ensuring information is passed on to each parent/guardian verbally, by electronic mail or printed correspondence on a weekly basis. A newsletter is also distributed each month. We have an open-door policy and we encourage parents to call or stop by at any time if there is an issue of concern needing to be addressed.

We are focused on being a part of developing a well-rounded student. We believe a student with a spiritual base, a sound academic background, morals and values will become a productive citizen in our world. Students are taught to respect every person regardless of his or her social, economic, ethnic and/or physical circumstances.

Our experiences have proven that students who have parents who participate and take an active interest in their child’s academics are better students. With that known, we require our parents to volunteer, visit, participate in programs, accompany students on field trips, and be guest speakers throughout the year and during our career days. Students who see their parents valuing their education will in turn value it themselves. We believe the home, church and school should complement each other to promote student’s spiritual growth.

We believe students must be present at school every day, complete all assignments and participate in classroom activities in order to maximize their learning experience at SFPA. Our expectations are for students to complete their own work, turn in neat work in a timely manner, develop good study habits and take pride in becoming the best student they know they must be.

The Faculty and Staff of Solid Foundation Preparatory Academy is dedicated to providing a nurturing atmosphere that is filled with love and is conducive to learning. We respect all students and their families and understand the importance being and showing concern for each and every student enrolled at SFPA.